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See what you
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brain lightbulb ideas strategy
Engage, align and focus your resources.
Rocket results
Unleash capability to realize results.
Where big-picture thinking is put into action.
Heather Bordo

Heather Bordo helps leaders develop and articulate their vision, think and act strategically to align people to that vision, and formulate clear plans to achieve their desired end results.

Heather thinks broadly; her big picture perspective opens up the minds of others — to new ways of thinking, new opportunities and new levels of impact.

Mountain peaks
Eye self awareness
Process Facilitation
& Consulting
Go from where you are to where you want to be.
360 & Leadership
Increase self-awareness
to maximize capability.

“Heather Bordo demonstrates a unique ability to adapt her highly focused coaching skills to the needs of the individual. She draws upon a wealth of business experience, and her thoughtful, reasoned approach, coupled with an extensive array of tools, fosters a rich environment for growth. I have significantly benefitted from working with Heather, and without question, she has helped me become a better leader.”

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