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Client Success

Delivering Real Results.

Case Studies

"Leading for the Future"

A long-standing business leader needed to gain Board confidence in his ability to take the business to a critical and ambitious new level of growth.

Heather worked closely with this leader to shift his focus from an operational level to one of engaging key stakeholders in a compelling, future-focused vision and set of strategic priorities.

The result

The organization now has a clear, inspiring vision with focused goals and a clear plan for achieving those goals. Internal and external stakeholders believe in and are aligned around this new vision and goals and the business leader’s ability to drive them forward.

“Heather Bordo was a significant contributor to a successful multi-year organizational change initiative. She facilitated meaningful discussions with a broad cross section of individuals, developed practical recommendations, and also supported the successful implementation. We appreciated her insights and ability to synthesize multiple perspectives and inter related issues. Her work is top notch and she is a pleasure to work with.”

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